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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Yale Theater


Yale Theater Renovation

The project consisted of exterior modifications to the structure located at 227 SW 25th Street, the former Yale Theater, to complement a concurrent interior renovation of the same structure. The renovation structure retained the Yale Theater name and is utilized as an event center rental facility. The scope of work for the exterior modifications were as follows:

1. The existing façade will be restored with beige stucco.

2. The existing metal marquee will be repainted white and backlit. The marquee soffit will be beige metal panel and lit by LED fixtures placed in a new perimeter light alcove.

3. The existing metal vertical theater sign and scalloped end caps will be repainted mint green. Both sides of the sign will have the word “YALE” vertically oriented with red metal letters and neon lights. Orientation and aesthetics are partially based on historic photos.

4. A new green built up stucco logo will be placed on the façade to either side of the
theater sign. Logo is based on historic photos.

5. Existing ticket window will be faced in mint green Vitrolite.

6. A mint green Vitrolite tile base will be added to the entire façade.

7. Existing aluminum entry doors will be restored.

8. Decorative movie poster style display cases will be added to façade. Locations based on historic photos.



Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Project Owner:

Steve Mason

Year Completed:

Construction: 2017

Project Role:

Prime A-E Firm – Project Management, Architecture, & Planning