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Shenandoah, Iowa

Shenandoah CBOC VA Clinic


Shenandoah CBOC VA Clinic

The Shenandoah VA CBOC project is a unique delivery system in that is a private building designed and constructed by a design-build team led by the developer/owner (Lavastida Development Group, LLC) for the sole purpose of being leased to the Department of Veterans Affairs for use as a VAMC facility. The building program, design, and standards were developed utilizing multiple tools. Community needs and requirements were first developed in conjunction with the staff of the Shenandoah VAMC.

The facility was designed using the VA Design Standards for CBOC Facilities, ensuring the construction of a facility meeting VA standards for patient care and energy efficiency. The facility was ultimately designed to serve multiple capacities and includes patient spaces for physical health, procedures, laboratory/blood draw, mental health, counseling/group therapy, physical therapy, tele-retinal, and audiology. Spaces for staff include an open-concept workroom and a telehealth room for virtual patient care. The facility also includes the required support spaces for the building use, including waiting/reception, soiled/clean storage, restrooms, mechanical/electrical/communications rooms, and janitorial space.



Approx. 12,995 SF


Shenandoah, Iowa

Project Owner:

Lavastida Development Group

Year Completed:

Professional Services: 2017-2018
Construction: 2018

Project Role:

Prime A-E Firm – Project Management, Architecture, Planning & Interior Design