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A/E Service – Fee Calculator

A/E Service – fee calculator

Our A/E service fee calculator can help you calculate the cost of your project! Download it here, or use it straight from your browser with the box to the right.

Editable Spreadsheet
Commercial Architecture & Engineering Fee Calculator
Construction Cost
Building Type
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Group A Industrial buildings without special facilities, parking structures, loft structures, warehouses; utility buildings
Group B Armories, apartments, cold storage facilities, hangers, manufacturing plants
Group C College classroom buildings, convention halls, detention facilities, extended care projects, gymnasiums, laboratories, medical offices
Group D Aquariums, auditoriums, art galleries, communications buildings, theaters
Group E Custom residences, special decorative buildings, custom designed furnishings
% of Construction Cost 5.2%
A/E Fee